Submit an ACC Request

Please consult with the current Rules (?) some things have been pre-approved and require no additional ACC approval.

You must obtain approval for any repairs, decorations, modifications or improvements PRIOR to the commencement of any work.  There are two steps:

  1. Download the ACC Improvement Request Form and complete it.
  2. Then, submit all required paperwork including any documentation to

Please make sure that you include all information with your request, or your application may be delayed or automatically denied.  Required information includes:

  • Your completed, signed and dated ACC Improvement Request Form.  The only ones who can submit an ACC request are Members of the Association (Owners).  For corporate/partnership Members, please ensure an officer of the corporation or general partner signs.
  • For corporate/partnership owner applications, please submit documentation demonstrating the officer’s or general partner’s authority to sign on behalf of the submitting entity.
  • Please include any material lists, specifications, plans and contractor information.
  • Please submit a copy of your survey/ plot diagram (provided at closing by title company) showing the location of the proposed improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted my application, but I haven’t had an update.  How long should I wait before I inquire?

You may inquire any time, but if you submitted an application recently, please understand that the committee has up to sixty (60) days to render a decision.  One thing that you can do to speed up the process is to make sure that you respond quickly to any questions or requests for additional information/ documents.

Is it true that I need to submit an ACC Improvement Request form for anything that I change on the exterior of my home?

It depends.  All changes to the exterior require approval. Some decisions are pre-approved and do not require additional ACC approval, so long as you meet the conditions of the pre-approval.  Everything else that is either placed, installed or constructed outside requires ACC approval.

Approved by the Board of Directors:  April 1, 2018.
Updated:  June 1, 2018.