What Residents Should Know About Hosting Garage Sales at Northside Meadow

Garage Sales

This topic comes up from time to time.  The Board would like to inform residents that the Association has no specific rules prohibiting garage sales.  There are some things that homeowners should be aware of, though.

  • Please review the ACC Fasttrack Guidelines issued March 2017. There is a rule concerning garage sale signs.
  • Also, please check with the city. There may be permit requirements.
  • When placing signs, you can place signs on your property. However, any signs posted on common areas require approval from the Board.  Contact Us if you wish to request approval.  Please include information regarding the time and date when signs are to be posted and removed.
  • Signs may not use the words “Northside Meadow” or imply that the garage sale is held by the “community” or “association”. It should be clear that the garage sale is a “private” event.  The words “multi-family” are ok, too.

Thank you.

Board of Directors

Approved by the Board of Directors: April 3, 2018

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